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Canadians and International (only), the following items will have a 2 week (Int'l up to 4 wk) turnaround time: tanktops, vnecks, any tie dye, and totebags.



We hope that our FAQs section will help to give you more information about Bored SHIrTLESS T-Shirt Design's system and products.  PLEASE NOTE, our prices are in CANADIAN FUNDS.  Pricing can be determined by playing with the individual style, colour and size settings on ANY listing, but this one was designed specifically for that purpose:  Determine Pricing

Please note that the designs on this website are computer graphics, shown on a computer graphic t-shirt, that you're viewing on a backlit screen, not the actual shirt.  Maximum print area is 10"x13" no matter the size of your shirt and will be adjusted according to actual size of shirt.  Onesies, toddler and youth sizes will print smaller than this to accomodate a smaller size shirt.

However, if you cannot find an answer to the question you have or you need more information, please contact our customer service team at We will be happy to help answer your questions and make ordering or designing your item as easy as possible.

Is there a minimum order?   How can I reach you?
What sizes do you offer?   Can I exchange a shirt I ordered?
How do I get a custom design?   Can I cancel my order?
Can I email you a design of my own?   Do you have a return policy?
Can I get a variation of a design in your store?   What is your policy regarding items that are out of stock?
Can I get a design on both sides of the t-shirt? Can I move the design?   For custom work, who owns the art?
How long does it take to get my t-shirt?   What kind of process do you use?
Can I get my order faster?   My t-shirt looks shiny...
Where do you ship to?   What is your billing policy?
How long does shipping take?   Is there tax on orders?
Can I track my order?    

Is there a minimum order?
No, there is no minimum order. You can order however many you need from just one to 1000s. There are quantity discounts though, so the more you order, the better the price!  You must contact us directly for bulk pricing.

What sizes do you offer?
We offer everything from infant to plus sized. Click here to view our sizing chart. All our t-shirts are described as preshrunk cotton from the manufacturers, but if you are in doubt or right on the size measurement, we recommend ordering up.  Standard shirts fit loose and fitted styles fit closer to the body.

How do I get a custom design?
Email us at with your request and include any concept art (if you have any) or ideas you've seen online and we will provide you with a quote for producing it. Please note, we cannot void copyright laws. We will not print designs that are deemed inappropriate such as: explicit graphic nudity or hate material against any creed or race. Please note that the proof you see on the screen is for design only, not placement or sizing.  The images are computer-generated so you can see the 'artwork' and do not constitute the actual printed garment. We cannot offer refunds based on the image not being the exact size or placement as the computer-generated image.

Can I email you a design of my own?
Sure. Please ensure all designs are a maximum of 2200px wide by 3000px tall and 200 dpi. Save your file as a .PNG file (if you send us another format, we will need to charge customizing fees to convert it.) It is best if your image has a transparent background, so that there will be no colour discrepancies (eg. your green background is a different green than the shirt we print on.) 

Can I get a variation of a design in your store?
Sure!  Almost all our designs are customizable.  We can change things to suit your needs. For example, you can personalize a design with a name or add a special message. Email us to make those changes.

Can I get a design on both sides of the t-shirt? Can I move the design? Can I put a design on the sleeve? Can I supply you with the shirts? 
Yes and no.  We mostly can print EITHER on the front or the back of the shirt as the standard process.  If you are picking up locally, we can sometimes accomodate printing on the back for an addtional cost.  These are considered special requests, but email us to discuss what's possible as there are extra costs involved.  You can contact us to see if something is possible and we will do our best, but we need to discuss what you need prior to placing an order.

We can offer screen printing and embroidery as well! for large orders.  Email us for a quotation.

Designs are generally placed in the center area of the t-shirt and have limited movement. Sizing/moving within the 10" x 13" area may be possible.  Note, that a design will be smaller than the image you see on the screen for the smaller sizes, youth and toddler or onesies.  Please note that the proof you see on the screen is to view the design only, not actual placement or sizing.  The images are computer-generated so you can see the 'artwork' and do not guarantee how the actual printed garment will come out. Things like colours/tones, image size and exact placement are variable to each garment and may not be exactly as the computer-generated image you see on the listing.

Sleeves are now an option for local pickup items only.  We can print on sleeves with toner printing, at an additional cost.

We are now starting to take orders for other products like hats, buttons, safety vests, etc at this time. 

For DTG printing, we cannot use your tshirts because our shirts go through a pre-treatment process to allow the design to adhere properly to the shirt and last over time.  We can use your garments with toner printing, but you assume liability for any mistakes doing this.  We strive for perfection, but mistakes do happen.  It is best to allow a few extras to be supplied to cover any possible errors if specific quantities are required.

How long does it take to get my t-shirt?
Depending on the time of year (holidays are busier!), your order is usually processed and out for delivery within 48 hours. Simple designs generally take 1-3 days on average.  Complex or highly detailed designs can take longer.  Shipping times vary depending on your location and are estimated (not guaranteed)  on the order page.

Can I get my order faster?
Yes! We do provide express processing for an additional fee. Please choose EXPRESS option when ordering if you need your order faster.

Where do you ship to?
Canada, United States of America, and Internationally.

How long does shipping take?
Once your order has been produced, shipping usually occurs within 24-48 hours. Closer to holiday seasons, that time may be extended slightly. Shipping times vary depending on your location. We use Canada Post and USPS First Class delivery services. From what we've seen, delivery is on average 3-5 business days after ordering with RUSH processing and 5-8 business days with regular shipping. International orders usually take 7-20 business days. Issues with postage delivery times are beyond our control and a refund cannot be issued based upon delivery times. 

Can I track my order?
Tracking numbers can be provided. If you would like one, they are available 24-48 hours after your item has shipped out.  Please email with your order number and ship name for tracking information.

How can I reach you?
Please email us at In most cases, your email will be answered within 24 hours.  You can also find us on facebook at

Can I exchange a shirt I ordered?
As items are printed to order, we cannot offer exchanges.

Can I cancel my order?
In almost all cases, we cannot cancel your order. T-shirts are made-to-order and the process begins immediately after an order is placed. There is more involved than just the printing of your shirt, so IF we can cancel, there will be a re-stocking fee. You can contact us at and we will do our best to accommodate you. So while we can try, we cannot guarantee cancellation.

Do you have a return policy?
If the garment is physically defective or you were sent the wrong size/style, we will replace it. We do our best to check and recheck all orders at each stage of the process for accuracy. Requests for replacement must be made within three business days of delivery of goods by e-mail to receive instructions for proper return. If you perceive a print default, please notify us within 3 business days. Please note, not understanding what DTG printing is and/or its limitations, wrongly ordered sizing or not being happy with the way the size fits is not grounds for a return.  Nor is sizing or placement on the shirt being different than what you see on screen; images are computer-generated for the purpose of you being able to view the design and do not constitute the actual representation of the printed garment. Please email us a photograph clearly showing any issue with your product.

We do not manufacture the garments and cannot be responsible for colour/shade variances from the manufacturers. Multiples of any colour in the same order should be all the same colour, but could be different if stock from a particular manufacturer ran out and we needed to purchase from another supplier. We will do our best to make sure individual orders are of matching lots. Please note, variations of colour based on perceived differences from differences in computer monitors will not be accepted for return. If by accident, we send you a different colour or style garment than you ordered, we will replace your item. Please email us for details on how to return any item.

By placing your order, you are making a binding agreement that you have approved the print and will pay for the order. If your order is custom designed for you, you must provide your own spell checking prior to sending us the order. We will not accept returns based on misspelled words.

Buyers are responsible for returning any items that are defective in their original packaging and in new condition (unworn/unwashed.) Please contact us at for the address to which your items should be returned.

What is your policy regarding items that are out of stock?
We do our best to provide live inventory status at the time your order is placed, but as our orders come from all over the world, we cannot guarantee an item will be in stock from the time you start your order until the order is placed. If a particular colour or size is out of stock, please be assured that we will look for a suitable replacement manufacturer and will ship your order as quickly as we can. A manufacturer inventory shortage will not be accepted as grounds for cancelling an order.

For custom work, who owns the art?
All artwork created by Bored SHIrTLESS T-Shirt Design will be considered our property. Any additional fees you pay are for the creative process and labour to design your t-shirt. You are NOT paying for the ownership and/or rights to the artwork.  If you supply the artwork, you are giving us express permission to have this design shown on our website (as we also consider the site our portfolio.)

What kind of process do you use?
Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. It's one of the newest, most realistic looking methods out there! We use special printers, which spray ink directly onto the fabric of t-shirts. We can generate great images, photographs and artwork very nicely. There are no design restrictions with this type of process so we can offer you the ability to print any design you'd like on your t-shirt.

DTG is not a shiny, flat vinyl type image.  It looks and feels like the actual t-shirt material.  If you are looking for solid coverage on your garment, we can offer you screen printing.  DTG is excellent for printing in small numbers, but if you are going to compare product side by side, you will most likely see variances.  This is the nature of DTG printing.  Placement, colour, shades, etc. will change from shirt to shirt because each item is printed individually.  DTG is not sublimation or DTF transfers or screen printing.

Screen printing is available for quantity orders.  Contact us for a quotation.

Please note that when you choose DTG for bulk orders, you will not have the same consistency as with screen printing.  Because DTG is basically a printer and each item is placed by hand, you could get variances on the shade of the ink from shirt to shirt and the placement will not necessarily be the exact same on each shirt, as each shirt is placed individually on the printing frame tray.  This is because each shirt is sent for printing through the machine individually.  The majority of people would not even notice any difference unless you are comparing the shirts side by side with each other.  Do not choose DTG printing if you are going to want to compare one print to another - in the majority of cases they will be different to some degree.

What is your billing policy?
You will be charged only the amount shown in your transaction in Canadian dollars by default.  If you wish to pay in another currency, you should be able to choose your home currency when you check out via the PayPal system. There are no extra fees. Payments are processed via PayPal. Bored SHIrTLESS does not store or receive your credit card information. PayPal can be used to accept all major credit cards (AMEX, Visa, and MasterCard) as well as PAYPAL payments.

If you DO NOT HAVE PAYPAL - that is okay. You do not need an account or have to open one. When you are taken to the payment screen, fill out the information as requested but choose the "DON'T HAVE A PAYPAL" option at the bottom, and it will allow you to pay via your credit card without opening an account.

We also accept e-transfers to

Is there tax on orders?
Yes, Canadian orders will have tax applied.

My t-shirt looks dirty/shiny...
To ensure your design lasts as long as possible, we pre-treat your t-shirt with a non-toxic, water-based coating. At times, the pre-treatment is visible. This area could look like a large transparent or translucent square or rectangle. This should disappear after your first few washes.